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  • To ensure you get the appointment day and time you desire, please schedule your next appointment before leaving.
  • Though we do understand unforeseen circumstances, a 24 hour cancellation notice is required on all appointments.
  • A $40 fee will be added for checks returned for insufficient funds.
  • Please speak with your stylist regarding products that will enhance your hair's condition, texture & style.
  • Technicians at Salon EiLLO LLC are Independent Contractors and are not affiliated with Salon EiLLO LLC and are solely
    responsible for gift certificates sold in their name, services performed on their clients and conduct in the salon.
  • Prices vary by Stylist and may change. Please inquire with your stylist when booking appointment.
  • Consultation: Complimentary 15 minute visit to discuss your hair's condition, style, texture, desired result, conduct
     a required color sensitivity patch test on new clients, cost and maintenance of service.
  • Extremely matted hair will result in additional charges for comb out.
  • Style is Basic B/D. Client will be charged at hourly rate for B/D, Iron work that extends beyond 1/2 hour appt.
Scalp Massage  & Style                 45 Minutes
Massage loosens the tense muscles of your shoulders, gently stretching taught muscles in your neck and stimulating
then soothing the scalp. These massage techniques stimulate the nerves, muscles and glands in the scalp, increasing
circulation of blood and nourishing scalp tissues. Scalp manipulations help to balance the sebaceous glands for an
increase in lustrous, shiny and moisturized hair. The massage is followed by a deep heat treatment for hair and scalp
followed by blowout styling. This service is wonderful for clients suffering from conditions such as Psoriasis, Oily Scalp,
Dandruff, Migraines, Headaches, Hair Loss, Insomnia, Stiff Neck, Stress.
It is not scientifically proven that scalp
massage helps or cures these conditions, however, many people have had wonderfully positive results.

Ear Coning                                  30 to 45 Minutes
A soothingly gentle method of cleansing the outer ear canal. Client relaxes in a comfortable position, a beeswax cone is
lit, then placed delicately in opening of ear. Through the process of osmosis toxins, wax and debris are drawn from the
ear canal clearing the way for healthier sinuses, ears, mind and body. A feeling of calm renewal is felt.
Ear Coning
cannot be performed if you have ever had tubes in your ears or currently have an infection of the ears or sinuses.
Christine's Hair Tip #1:
Need help detangling your child's unruly hair? "BioMega Moisture Mist" is my go to product! Spray on wet or dry
hair and use either a wide tooth comb or a wet brush to gently detangle...
be sure it's a WET brush not a bristle brush.
Hold a section of hair near the roots and start combing from the ends. Each time you release a tangle, go up a little
higher. Continue until all tangles in that section are smooth. Clip that section out of the way and move onto the next
one respraying as necessary.
Woman's Cut & Style* $32 (1/2 hr)  $55 (hr)
Cut only $24 (1/2 hr)  $40 (hr)

Man's Cut & Style* $24 (1/2 hr)

Child's Cut & Style*:
Age 12 & Under  $15
(1/2 hr)*
Age 13 - 17  $24 (1/2 hr)*

Roller Set or B/D w/ Iron  $25
Basic Braid  $15  Creative Braid $25
(1/2 hr)  Wash included w braids. B/D add $10

Textured Wave, Cut & Style $75 (nape)  $95 (on shoulder)  $115 (below shoulders)

Pravana Texture SmoothOut w/ Cut & Style* $65 per hour
Click Here for video of this service on YouTube.  

Color Maintenance, Cut & Style* $75
*New Client Color Maintenance, Cut &Style* $55
per hour (Not corrective color)
Hair Gloss $20 (Included with all Color services)

*Corrective Color $55 per hour.

Hi-Lights, Low-Lights, Balayage, Creative Color, Foils: $55 per hour, incl Cut/Style*

Olaplex  Bond Builder Treatment $25  with Style $40
Clarifying Treatment $20 w/ Style $35
(Hard Water, Chlorine, Smoke, Hairspray)

Hair Extensions $100 Application Fee plus cost of Extensions
Custom Extensions $
Creative Color Hair Extension $20-$40 per weft (includes application)
Extension Removal $25     Remove/Retape/Reapply $150
100% Remy Human Hair.
Can be removed & reapplied up to 3 times (Depending on client maintenance)
Click here to view before and after on YouTube.

Formal Occasion Hair Design $95 per Hour     Practice  $45 per Hour
(On-Site Location is an Additional 20% per client with (4) client minimum.)

Wellness Services:
Scalp Massage/Treatment & BlowDry $55
Ear Coning $40
(See below for descriptions of these services)

Prices Effective: May 1, 2018
Christine's Hair Tip #2:
Description of Wellness Services:
Christine's "Lock's of Love" program:
Half Off haircut for any client who contributes to the Locks of Love Program
Client is responsible for mailing in their donation.
Please ask for official mailing form.
Please inquire with individual stylists as their Locks of Love programs may vary.
Salon EiLLO's Locks of Love Donators:
2016: Meredith
2015: Becca, Breana
2014: Samantha, Anonymous
2013: Kim W.
2012: Irena, Heather
2011: Kayla, Mike, Katie, Emily
2009: Kaitlin, Moriah, Alyssa
2008: Irena, Anna, Karen, Isabelle,
Meredith, Anonymous, Krista
To visit the official "Locks of Love" website click here.
Want fuller looking beach waves? Using a larger barrel Curling Iron, wrap the hair around the iron instead of the
traditional way of clamping it into the iron and rolling it. Wrap a large section of hair in one direction... do not wrap 2"
of the ends so they will remain straight. Wrap the next section in the opposite direction... repeat all the way around the
head until finished. Let your hair cool for 30 minutes then mist lightly with hairspray. Let dry for a minute then comb
with wide tooth comb or lightly run your fingers through your hair to separate the strands.
Outside Lighting vs Inside Lighting
Yes! It really does make a difference!
Both pics taken immediately after color service.
1st pic outside, 2nd pic inside.
Hair Models
Creative Color
Show off your individuality with this beautiful, fun,
trendy look, but please let your stylist explain the
maintenance schedule & costs.